USA Road Tripping In Style


Have you ever had that dream of cruising on the open road in that little red sports car. Your hair blowing slightly in the wind under that perfect white scarf and your pillar box red lippy glistening the sun?? Me too and my dream came true on my Honeymoon when my Hubby and I got to cruise down the Pacific Highway Coastal Road., California.



ONLY I didn’t look like this picture and I don’t have any pictures to post. Why?? Because all my pictures show my wind swept hair standing on end and my sunburnt nose!! Not cool.

So now is my chance to tell you how to do it right and in style too!!

I was made aware by Bloggers Lounge of a great travel competition that Round the World Experts are running and thought it was a great way to show you exactly what I mean.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fashion you just need to be organised and mix n match some essential pieces. You can’t be taking those big suitcases with you. WHY?? Because the truck on these convertibles are tiny and you don’t want that big suitcase perched the back seat cramping your style do you?? Yes that was us with the massive suitcase taking up the back seat!!!  So mix n match is the plan.

Here are a few idea’s to help you.



Or maybe these?





Look after your face and hair too. Keep your hair in tip top condition and cover with a hat or scarf to keep that windswept look at bay. Sunscreen, you must apply frequently. We spent literally all day driving and although we applied sunscreen at intervals it obviously wasn’t enough. Keep reapplying throughout your road trip.

Here’s a few photo’s of the scenery you may see along the way.


It’s great fun planning each outfit and you’ll be surprised how little you actually need to take with you. Don’t forget all those cool shops along the way too, you may want to buy another bag whilst your there!!! Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to get that fab photo of you driving your convertible in style!!!

Have fun cruising the open roads and would love to see any of your pictures you take.

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