Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red Service

We had the pleasure of travelling up to Edinburgh with Virgin Altantic’s domestic airline Little Red.

Check in is at Teminal 1 rather than the International Virgin Atlantic Departures at Terminal 3. We had a quick check in and straight through to departures. Our flight was delayed slightly but we were kept updated by announcements frequently.


Now the legroom, one of the most important issues for me and it wasn’t good. As I’ve said before being 6 foot tall can be a right pain when flying. There are people a lot taller than me so how they ever manage I wouldn’t like to guess. I couldn’t straighten my legs out I had to literally sit sidewards and being in a middle seat in a row of 3 wasn’t ideal. I checked on Seat guru a website with great aircraft seating information and it states the seat pitch is 29-30 inches!! However the aircraft was less than half full so I asked to move and had a row of 3 to myself. Perfect. Problem overcome.

The flight is just a quick 55 minute hop up to Edinburgh but in that time we did receive complimentary drinks including beers, wines and spirits, yes thats right any drink was complimentary. A little snack was provided and the loveable “Love Heart’ sweeties for landing.


If you are part of the Virgin Atlantic flying programme you will also accumalate miles for Little Red. For a return trip you will earn 1500 points and two tier points.

I just have to comment that we had the most friendliest check in staff at Edinburgh on our return flight. I quite often come away from the check in desk a little deflated. Its your first point of contact with somebody at the start of your journey and it should make you feel excited don’t you think??

Have you ever travelled by Little Red?? The route has been going for 12 months now. Would I use this service again?? Absolutely, I would just hope that the flight wasn’t full so I could get a spare seat next to me again.

Look out for my review on Little Red’s big brother Virgin Atlantic coming soon.


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