Winter Holiday Beauty Tips


Working in the Travel Industry can find you in hot sunny climates one minute and in cold chilling temperatures the next.

Here are a few of my WINTER HOLIDAY beauty tips:


There’s nothing worse than sore cracked lips, it feels horrible and doesn’t look good either. I use EOS lip balm and when I travel I use Lemon Drop as it has SPF15. I carry it around with me all the time , it makes my lips lovely and smooth. Lemon Drop is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E and natural conditioning oils to keep your lips moist while protecting them from the sun. Keep one in your pocket and reapply on the slopes.



Your hair can get matted when exposed to the snow and wind. If you’ve got long hair and you’ve been skiing before, you will be well aware of the agony involved in brushing your hair after a day on the slopes. My best advice is to tuck your hair away and protect it from the elements. Hard I know when your wearing a helmet but if you tie it in a bun firmly at the base of your neck you should be fine. If you’re stopping off for some Apres Ski on your way home you can always let your hair down, literally!!!



Although when you’re skiing your hands are covered its still important to keep them moisturised. Neom Luxury Organics have a hand cream with the scent of Moroccan Blush Rose. Loving this smell!! It rubs in easy and makes your hands feel so smooth.  Apply before and after you hit the slopes.


Need anymore information or planning to book a ski holiday then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Check out the Chalets on VIP Ski’s website too. Their fab!!

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