Paradise in the Maldives

Ok, so The Maldives have been at the top of my ‘Travel Wish List’ for over 20 years. For one reason or another we never got to get there until a couple of months ago and oh my I can’t wait to go back already!!!

Is this Paradise? Silly question of course it is but until you actually visit you really can’t appreciate how perfect it is.

On our ‘Must Have List’ we had; a seaplane transfer and it must be All Inclusive with a room on the beach. I spent a long time researching which island to go to and narrowed it down to a few.  Vilamendhoo had the right price for the right departure date.

The day finally came and off we went. We flew on the new Dreamliner. Impressive yes, being 6 foot tall legroom is a major issue on most airlines. As we didn’t book too far in advance we couldn’t get the premium cabin and extra legroom seats were already booked. I was apprehensive but needn’t have worried as I had enough legroom and it wasn’t too bad when the guy in front reclined his seat.

When we arrived we were taken to the Private Lounge in the Seaplane Terminal and had complimentary cool drinks before boarding our seaplane. The 25 minute journey was spectacular and I couldn’t believe the views. Whenever I return I will choose another island with a seaplane transfer.

When we arrived on the Island we were taken to the day lounge/bar and were refreshed with cold drinks and cool towels. We were then shown personally to our rooms. OURS WAS PERFECT!! On the best part of the beach and our villa was detached. The outside bathroom was my concern beforehand but it actually felt right and the outside jacuzzi was lovely.

We had the most relaxing time ever. We laid and relaxed on the beach or went snorkelling. We went on a Sunset Cruise and experienced a couples massage. It was heavenly.

We had never snorkelled before but it was my mission to have a go and WOW the reef was amazing. I admit ‘The Drop’ took my breath away and freaked me out for a minute, it’s unbelievable how it literally just drops!!!  (Ever seen the film Finding Nemo??) I did take some photos that aren’t the best but was trying to swim, breathe and click click at the same time!!!

There were little sharks swimming around so close to the shore that you got used to them and the stingrays came pretty close too. I loved the way how shoals of fish would just appear and swim around you.

The WIFI connection was good and there was a Gym (although I never used it!!!)

We had a minibar in the room that was restocked twice a day and the cocktails were great from the bar. Champagne was delivered to our room on the second night and was enjoyed relaxing in the jacuzzi watching the ‘shooting stars’ pass by.

Our meals were taken in The Ahima Restaurant which is Adults only, our waiter Jamal was great and knew what drinks we had with lunch and which drinks we had with dinner. The food was outstanding, not your normal buffet there was so much to choose from and there was also a chef cooking certain dishes while you waited. Loved my morning omelettes.

The Asian Wok Restaurant set over the water is a lovely place to eat in the evenings. You can just go and have a drink there too. We went a couple of times, for an afternoon drink and another in the evening. It’s so peaceful to sit outside and watch the fish darting around and the stars are so bright.

I literally cannot fault the service or the Island. This was our dream holiday and I was very sad to leave after a week. Departures were organised and ran very smoothly.

Was this the perfect holiday?? YES YES YES, Would I return??? YES YES YES, although being in the Travel Industry I do try to venture to a different destination each time. AND as it was so perfect maybe I would be frightened the next time couldn’t top it.

Have you been to any of the Maldivian Islands?? Which one’s your favourite?? Do you choose a different one every time or have an old favourite??

Thanks for reading and remember if you need any help with a holiday to the Maldives or any other destination then please get in contact with me.

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